Sponsorship for grassroots stock car racing is without question a tough proposal, especially for a touring series that has gone from having virtually half of its races broadcast on television in 2002, to a limited amount of races on television at the present time. Being that we are part of a touring series, this presents additional challenges unless of course you can manage to find someone who has a business with a need to advertise on more than just a localized level. Thankfully in the last couple of seasons we've had Mavtv broadcasting a few Srl races on t.v. Hopefully that trend will continue and perhaps even increase. 

RPM Motor Sports has never made a point of directing the funds obtained from sponsorship towards anything other than offsetting the cost of going to each individual race. We have been very fortunate to have various sponsors come on board since 2003. While some of them may no longer be with us, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has seen the chance to use our cars as a great way of advertising, or promoting their products or services:

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  • Sims Trucking
  • Perricone Juices
  • Watkins Engine Development
  • Victory Circle Chassis
  • Craig Raudman
  • Kanke Transportation
  • Diamond City
  • Junior Joiner
  • The "Film Punk" folks; Greg and Jeanne Morgan
  • One Grand Blitz Wax
  • Dr. Gil Kajiki
Spears Mfg.
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