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RPM Motor Sports was founded in 2003 under the guidance of Dan and Kathy Nikolai, with the intent of continuing the long standing tradition begun by the Kanke's of "having fun and winning races". Of course we all know that racing is way more fun when you actually win a few along the way, and maybe sometimes the art of winning doesn't always involve bringing home a trophy at the end of the night. You still have to hold your head high, no matter the outcome...this way those whom you compete with will remember you were there along with them, always giving it your best shot.

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RPM Motor Sports is also gradually becoming more dedicated towards passing the tradition of having fun and winning races along to those younger family members who have expressed an interest in the sport. Well if you ask me, I'd have to say they're mighty lucky to have at their disposal a true shoe of a teacher in M.K. to help them along in the learning process. Who knows, maybe one day we will be hearing more about these particular youngsters somewhere in the world of stock car racing, based on talent not wallet size, should they decide to further their interest in it. And if not, well then perhaps we will be hearing more from them in some other arena of their choice instead. One way or another, we should all strive to see our children do things in life better than we could do them.



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