We would like to thank the following people for being around racing and making a point of capturing history with their cameras. We have history to look back on because you had the vision to capture it for us:

David Misco

David is no longer the official photographer for The Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series. However, he was able to provide me with some awesome candid photos of everyone on the team as they were working in the pits during the course of the 2009 season. David was also responsible for updating and producing the "hero cards" that M.K. hands out when we're at the races.  Anyone who is interested in viewing this card can find it at the bottom of the hero card section in the photo gallery on the front page.

Earl Stubbs

Earl provided me with all of the photos from M.K.'s early racing endeavors at Ascot Park, and also offered me some very useful and interesting verbal memories from that time frame as well. Anyone interested in photographs ranging from Ascot Park to Southwest Tour to Toyota Speedway at Irwindale to anything else in his vast collection can reach him at (626) 926-3612. He can alo be found on facebook.

Susan and David Stone a.k.a. Motorshooters Photography

Susan and David were around to cover the last few years of the Southwest Tour, and several years back I asked David if he could shoot some discreet photos of team members to use for this web site. Well I finally got around to using them...better late than never. I wonder if David recalls my small request. The picture of M.K. wearing the cowboy hat in the header section was taken by them.

Pam Tice

Pam Tice was the photographer for the tour at least during the mid to late '90's. Some of the pictures I have from that time were taken by her. As of right now I haven't confirmed whether the phone information on the backs of those photos is still good or not; however her photos will still get credit where credit is due.

Dave and Renee Farr a.k.a. Farr Motorsports Photography

In 2010 Dave Farr became the "new" official photographer for The Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series. In years past his photos had mysteriously found their way into the race car hauler on occasion while at the races, so I called the number on the back only to find that the Farr's are practically next door neighbors of mine. Sadly, we lost David in January of 2014 and he will always be missed.

Janet and Charly at Racing West

Janet and Charly, thank you for your many years of service to the racing community, especially out here on the west coast. Not having Racing West to visit any more has left a void that feels very similar to having a once popular race track close its doors for the last time. Everyone on the Rpm Motor Sports race team wishes both of you the best.

Mary Secord

Mary Secord is the photographer at Best in the West Racing or Orange Show Speedway as some of us still like to call it. I haven't had a chance to get to know her on a personal level, but I have obtained some quality pictures from her of our kids racing their Legend and Bando cars at the track. Her son also makes an occasional appearance in The Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series. She has a great facebook page that puts an emphasis on the history of racing out here on the west coast, much like I would like to have this site accomplish in its own small way. Please visit her site at

Bill Coleman a.k.a. BCSportsimages

Bill can be found at Irwindale Speedway and he has a large collection of photos at his website to choose from. I've only recently bought a few shots from him and will be sure to pick up more as I'm in the process of creating some new galleries here. Bill's site also has some historical content in it from Saugus Speedway along with a collection of photos from years past at Irwindale. Please visit his site at

Tim Galyean

There are some groups at facebook that have been formed recently by people who have been involved with west coast racing over the last 25-50 years. It was in one of these groups that I ran across some great photos of M.K. that were taken during the old wedge rocket days. This is how I met Tim Galyean, who has an amazing collection of photos that cover different forms of racing from all over the U.S.A. Hopefully in the near future he will publish his web site again so his photo collection becomes visible.


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